Complete Flowering Garden In A Can Georgetown, Texas -- July 5, 2006 -- (Georgetown, Texas) Grow a complete garden inside your home with these new complete all-in-one garden kits, which makes the ideal gift for all four seasons. These 3¾" tall leak-proof containers come complete with enriched soil and nutrient mix, premium seeds and leak-proof growing container. Just add water and sunlight to enjoy a colorful windowsill garden. Choose from over 50 different plants and themes, including Holiday Gardens (Halloween, Hanukkah and Christmas), plus Expression and Life Cycle Gardens (love, wedding, congratulations, new baby, birthday, anniversary, memorial), as well as gardens of organic herbs and vegetables. There are also complete tree kits, with giant evergreens, sequoias, maple and redwood trees. The garden gifts are guaranteed to grow in all four seasons and have a suggested retail price of $7.95.

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