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What is included in a Garden Grocan?

Garden Grocans contain a biodegradable fiber pot, peat pellet (soil), seeds specific to that garden, and planting instructions.

What is included in a Garden Shaker Can?

Garden Shaker Cans contain vermiculite and seeds specific to that garden or wildflowers native to the respective state for our state shakers.

How does the peat pellet work?

Soak the pet pellet for about 20 minutes or until fully expanded. Transfer the soil into the biodegradable fiber pot.

Garden Grocan Planting Instructions

  • Soak peat pellet (brown disk) in water for 20 minutes or until the pellet has fully expanded.
  • Pour moistened soil out of pellet lining and into the included brown biodegradable fiber pot.
  • Start by planting only a few seeds to allow enough room for roots to grow.
  • Plant seeds 1/8" deep in soil - do not pack soil too tightly.
  • Keep in a sunny location & water 1-2 times/ week - avoid overwatering.
  • Should see growth in about 1-2 weeks - some may take longer.
  • Once seeds start to bloom, transfer the fiber pot into a garden or larger pot to allow room for growth.

Do I need to use all of the seeds?

You do not need to use all of the seeds, we give you extras. We suggest starting with a few so that the roots have proper room to grow.

When should I transfer my garden to an outside garden or larger pot?

Start your garden inside your biodegradable pot. You do not need to use all of the seeds as there will not be enough room for the roots. Once seeds begin to sprout/ bloom you can transfer the entire biodegradable fiber pot into a larger pot or soil and it will disintegrate over time.

How To Start Your Garden Grocan