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African Safari Garden Grocan

African Safari Garden Grocan

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Enjoy an African Safari-in-a-Can with this African Safari Garden Grocan. Includes Bent Grass seeds, peat pellet(soil), pot to grow seeds in, and planting instructions.
Introducing the African Safari Garden Grocan, your passport to an exotic adventure right in the comfort of your own home! This innovative kit contains everything you need to cultivate your very own miniature African safari landscape.
Inside the Grocan, you'll find premium Bent Grass seeds, carefully selected to mimic the lush grasslands of the African savannah. These seeds will sprout into vibrant greenery, creating an authentic backdrop for your safari scene.

Accompanying the seeds is a peat pellet, specially formulated to provide optimal soil conditions for germination and growth. Simply add water to expand the pellet and create a nutrient-rich environment for your seeds to thrive.


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