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Bride's Garden Grocan

Bride's Garden Grocan

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Inside this charming package, you'll find everything needed to cultivate a beautiful garden of White Alyssum, symbolizing purity and new beginnings:

White Alyssum Seeds: These delicate flowers represent the purity and innocence of the bride as she embarks on her new chapter in life.
Peat Pellet (Soil): The perfect foundation for your seeds to grow into healthy and vibrant plants, ensuring they receive the nutrients they need to flourish.
Pot to Grow Seeds In: A lovely pot to plant the seeds in, adding a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. It serves as a constant reminder of growth, just as the bride will continue to grow and blossom in her marriage.
Planting Instructions: Easy-to-follow instructions to guide the bride through the planting process, ensuring her garden thrives with care and attention.

This Bride's Garden Grocan is not just a gift; it's a symbol of hope, love, and new beginnings. 


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