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Dog Lover's Garden Grobag

Dog Lover's Garden Grobag

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Show Your Love with the Dog Lover's Garden Grobag! This convenient all-in-one kit is designed for easy care, but intended for outdoor planting. While Dogwood trees symbolize loyalty and devotion, they thrive best in appropriate climates with proper care.

  • Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Packed with Dogwood tree seeds and pre-filled soil, this grobag provides a jumpstart on growing a future Dogwood tree outdoors. Remember, transplanting to a larger pot or suitable outdoor location will be necessary as the tree matures.
  • Built-in Reservoir: The grobag retains water, reducing the need for frequent watering during the initial seedling stage.
  • A Gift That Grows: The Dog Lover's Garden Grobag is a thoughtful gift for dog lovers who enjoy gardening and have the space for a future Dogwood tree.


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