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Gifts That Bloom

Love You Mom Shaker Can

Love You Mom Shaker Can

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Moms love flowers, and what better way to show yours you care than with the gift that keeps on blooming? The Love You Mom Shaker Can isn't just any gift, it's a blooming surprise!
This Love You Mom Shaker Can has everything your mom needs to grow a gorgeous patch of cosmos flowers right at home. No green thumb required!
Just shake out the special mix of cosmos seeds and vermiculite, add some water, and watch the magic happen! Your mom can relax and enjoy the vibrant blooms with minimal effort. This Shaker can covers 100 square feet, creating a stunning flower bed or a container garden overflowing with colorful blooms. . This Love You Mom Shaker Can lets your mom celebrate the joy of gardening and enjoy a breathtaking display of flowers all season long. It's the perfect way to say "Love you, Mom, and thanks for everything!"


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