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Prayer Garden Grocan

Prayer Garden Grocan

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Elevate your spiritual space with our Prayer Garden Grocan. Here's what this thoughtful package includes:
Sweet White Alyssum Seeds: Symbolizing purity, serenity, and spiritual connection, these seeds will blossom into delicate white flowers that inspire a sense of peace and tranquility.
Enriched Soil: Our nutrient-rich soil provides the perfect foundation for your seeds to grow and thrive, ensuring healthy and vibrant plants.
Colorful Leak-proof Container: The vibrant and leak-proof container not only adds a pop of color to your space but also ensures mess-free gardening. Its compact size makes it ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting.
Simple Care Instructions: Just add water and place your Prayer Garden Grocan in a sunny spot, allowing the seeds to receive ample sunlight for optimal growth.
Perfect Size: With dimensions of 3” in width and 3.75” in height, this Prayer Garden Grocan is perfect for small spaces such as windowsills, desks, or meditation corners.


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