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Salad Garden Grobag

Salad Garden Grobag

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Dreaming of fresh, homegrown salads but lacking space or time? The Salad Grobag is your answer! This innovative bag is all you need to cultivate a mini salad garden right on your countertop
**Self-Contained Watering System:** No need for messy watering cans or complicated setups. The Salad Grobag is designed to retain moisture, so just add water and watch your salad flourish!
***Nutrient-Rich Soil:** The bag comes pre-filled with soil specially formulated for growing delicious salad greens.
***Seed Sampler:** Experiment with a variety of flavors! The Salad Grobag includes seeds for lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, offering a delightful taste of what you can grow.


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