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Sympathy Garden Shaker Can

Sympathy Garden Shaker Can

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Express your condolences and sympathy with our Sympathy Shaker Garden Can. This thoughtful canister contains vibrant White Alyssum seeds, carefully selected to bring comfort and solace during difficult times. The seeds will cover over 100 square feet, creating a beautiful and serene garden space.

Measuring 4.25" tall and 2.5" in diameter, our Sympathy Shaker Garden Can is compact and easy to use. Simply shake the seeds and soil mixture out in your garden, and watch as the delicate White Alyssum flowers grow and bloom, creating a lasting tribute to your loved one.
White Alyssum is known for its pure white blooms and delicate fragrance, making it a fitting symbol of remembrance and sympathy. Whether planted in a garden or memorial space, these flowers will provide comfort and beauty to all who see them.
During times of loss and grief, the simple act of planting and nurturing a garden can bring solace and healing.


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