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Gifts That Bloom

Taylor Swift Inspired Pre-Pack

Taylor Swift Inspired Pre-Pack

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This thoughtfully curated collection offers empowering gifts that ignite inspiration, celebrate creativity, and share the magic of Taylor Swift's music.

This Taylor Swift Inspired Pre-Pack includes 5 Garden Grocans. Each include Seeds specific to that garden, a peat pellet (soil), planting instructions, and a leak-proof, colorful container to grow seeds in. Just add water and sun and enjoy!

YOYOK Garden Grocan includes Zinnia Seed
Anti-Hero Garden Grocan includes Wildflower Seed mix
Lavender Haze Garden Grocan Includes Lavender Seeds
DBATC Garden Grocan includes Rose Seeds
TGW Garden Grocan includes Poppy Seeds

3” w x 3.75”

Gifts That Bloom is not associated with Taylor Swift.


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