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Wyoming Garden Shaker Can

Wyoming Garden Shaker Can

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Want to bring a splash of Wyoming's wild beauty to your garden? The Wyoming Garden Shaker is the perfect solution! Packed with a vibrant mix of seeds native to the Cowboy State, this shaker can transforms your yard into a stunning wildflower haven.
No green thumb required! Just shake the convenient container to disperse the seeds and vermiculite mixture. Fill your garden with a diverse selection of Wyoming's beautiful wildflowers.
These wildflowers attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators, while creating a natural habitat for wildlife.
A single shaker can blanket up to 100 square feet with a dazzling wildflower display.
So ditch the complicated seed packets and watering cans. The Wyoming Garden Shaker is all you need to cultivate a vibrant and low-maintenance wildflower garden. Watch your yard erupt in a riot of colors


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